Why The Cost Of Living Crisis Has Not Hit Stairlifts

The cost of living crisis has been one of the big issues consumers have faced over the last 18 months, compounded by the energy shock resulting from the war in Ukraine and leading to many householders facing higher costs to mortgage payments as well as other bills.

However, while it may seem like everything from food to train tickets is soaring, the bill for installing stairlifts in Birmingham will not be much more than it was a few years ago.

This point was made in March by consumer magazine Which?, advising people thinking of investing in a stairlift that the cost of buying and fitting one “has remained fairly stable for years”.

It said that, for example, its December 2022 survey showed the average price of a new stairlift was £3,867, with the price varying from £3,371 for a straight stairlift to £4,728 for a curved stairlift.

Of course, the actual cost of a stairlift in your home may depend on a few factors, with Which? noting that each corner on a staircase will double the price. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a new home and will need to fit a staircase, the shape of your stairs is an important consideration.

For older people who need a stairlift, the news that the cost of installing one has been so stable is good news, since pensioners are in a better position than many others to deal with the cost of living. This is because the pensions triple lock means that while many workers cannot get pay rises in line with Consumer Prices Index inflation, pensioners have.

The 2023-24 rise of 10.1 per cent is, therefore, a boost that protects those on this form of fixed income better than used to be the case, something that may remain so if inflation does significantly decline.

It could all mean that fitting a stairlift is a very affordable thing to do, giving you the benefits of greater household access without breaking the bank.


Senior Woman Sitting On Stair Lift At Home To Help Mobility

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