The initial phone call will be taken by our professional office team will take all your details and schedule a telephone call from Scott, our head engineer.By answering a few questions Scott will, (in most cases) by able to give you a guaranteed price over the phone. For more complicated installations a site visit may we required, which Scott will arrange.


At your convenience, an engineer will call, assess the staircase and run through every possible option to work out the best one for you and your budget.They will assess and inform you of any problems, or anything that could be affected by the installation.

No work will be undertaken until each and every aspect of the installation has been discussed with you.

As previously said, this can usually be done over the phone. In some instances, a visit will be arranged and a quote produced after this.


Our engineers will arrive and remove any furniture or fittings such as banisters that need to be removed prior to the installation.You don’t need to worry about this at all -our engineers are happy to carry out any remedial works.

  • The lift will be installed, thoroughly tested and demonstrated, the engineer will not leave until you are happy.
  • The average installation times do vary, but on average, a straight stairlift takes 2 hours and a curved stairlift around 3-4.
  • The engineers will clean up the lift and installation sit and dispose of any rubbish or packaging.
  • Any problems that occur after installation are dealt with extremely quickly.
  • We do offer a “which trusted traders” dispute resolution service for peace of mind.
  • We do aim for this never to be used and so far have not had any complaints that we haven’t been able to resolve quickly and leaving the customer happy.


We offer a service only warranty which is very popular as our products are amongst the most reliable.We also offer a rolling 1 year FULL warranty – after the initial free warranty has expired.

This gives you a prioritised service and unlimited call outs, including free parts with no call out fee.

This also includes a free service.

To us you are a person, not just a number.

We enjoy the benefits of lots of referrals from previous delighted customers and so work hard to keep you satisfied and feeling that you are being looked after.

Hopefully, we will receive referrals from you!