Why It Is Important To Visit Elderly Relatives At Christmas

It is always important to make elderly relatives feel loved and included, but never more so than at Christmas. So even if you have an incredibly full calendar of events coming up, here are some reasons why you still need to make time for older loved ones. 


Relieve loneliness

Many people experience loneliness over the festive period, with Mind charity revealing that one-third feel lonely during Christmas.

They might miss big family Christmases or partners who have passed away, or they may be reminded that most people are with their loved ones on December 25th. Whatever the reason, go visit your elderly relative or invite them to spend the special day with you. 


Help with decorations

Elderly people with limited mobility might not be able to put up their Christmas decorations but a bit of tinsel and some fairy lights can really get them in the festive spirit and lift their mood, so offer to go round and decorate their tree for them. 

Grandchildren can make some paper chains or pretty pictures while playing carols or classic Christmas songs that they will be familiar with. 


Plan indoor activities they can enjoy

Although it’s nice to enjoy the wintry atmosphere, elderly people find navigating snow and ice even more difficult than the rest of us. So it is safer – and warmer – to stay indoors. 

This is why visiting them with a few planned activities up your sleeve is a good idea, as they may not feel comfortable having to entertain everyone. 

You could bring some easy-to-understand games to play, or get them to teach everyone a card game they might remember. 

Or you could ask what Christmas traditions they used to do as a child, from making Christingles to watching Carols from King’s on the telly, in case you can all do them together this year.

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