What is the lifespan of a stairlift?

Whenever individuals start considering purchasing a stairlift, the question that comes to their mind of many is how long this equipment will last. This article also helps you to know how long the product and this means that anyone with intentions of buying a stairlift is at a vantage point to make the right decision since the stairlift is a one-time investment. This blog provides an account of aspects that determine the durability of a stairlift and provides a guide on how the Stairlift’s lifespan may be boosted.

Factors Influencing Stairlift Lifespan

Several factors affect the lifespan of a stairlift, including its quality, usage frequency, maintenance level granted to lifters, and setting.

Quality of the Device

This is one of the major factors that influence the lasting time of the stairlift. Models that are expensive and from reputable companies are usually made in a way that they can last long and have the best materials and engineering used on them. These often equally stand up infinitely better than cheaper and poorly constructed models of the same range. Buying a stairlift is like purchasing any other product because one should avoid cheap products but instead go for quality products to avoid having to replace them often.

Frequency of Use

Another aspect that defines the amount of usage of the product is the frequency at which the stairlift is used. This means that the stairlift desired for ongoing use, which may be utilised severally in a single day, is bound to undergo more wear than one rarely used. However, the best stairlifts are built to withstand normal usage, and most should stand up to years of constant use in most homes. This can assist one in determining the model that would be most appropriate depending on one’s usage characteristics.


It is important to ensure that maintenance if frequently done to make sure that the stairlift does not deteriorate quickly. Similar to any mechanical equipment that is used, stairlifts need to be checked frequently by professionals who will confirm that the various parts are working as they should. This involves a check of the track, seat motor and other safety aspects that are attached to the seat. Most manufacturers have maintenance programs or suggest that only authorised mechanics can carry out these inspections. It is recommended that the stairlift be checked and serviced occasionally so as not to let a small problem turn into a big one, thus increasing the lifespan of the stairlift.


This factor also applies to the type of environment in which the stairlift will be installed as it affects the product’s longevity. It is common to note that Stairlifts that are installed in places that have high temperatures, high humidity or dusty environments will deplete faster. For example, an outdoor stair lift triggering the forces of nature will need to be built more sturdily and would have to be worked upon more often than an indoor stair lift. Factors like proper installation place of the stairlift can also assist in enhancing the duration of the stairlift.

Average Lifespan of a Stairlift

As a general rule, a stairlift should last between 10 to 15 years, so long it has been well maintained. This allowance may even reached or surpassed by some models, particularly if they belong to a premium line and have been given proper attention and maintenance. However, one has to understand that some of the parts may require substitution during the required period. For instance, batteries require replacement every two to three years or are already damaged after such time. It tactlessly becomes necessary to check on the stairlift quite often and replace some worn-out parts as soon as they are identified.

lifespan of a stairliftTips for Extending Stairlift Lifespan

To get the most out of your stairlift, consider the following tips:

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

Pay attention to the instructions for use and care given by the equipment’s owner, the manufacturer. The following are general guidelines to give you maximum comfort and years of safe use with your stairlift.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Schedule check-ups with a qualified technician on a regular basis. This strategy is based on the rationale that it is always easier to solve a problem when it is not yet a major concern.

Use the Stairlift Correctly

Make sure that all users have adequate training on how to handle the stairlift correctly. Misuse and overloading should be avoided at all operating levels because they put pressure on the device and reduce its durability.

Protect from Extreme Conditions

You may have a stairlift that is installed outside or has an outdoor section; in this case, ensure it is protected. Taking it when not in use and washing it can help them avoid the effects of weather on the corn holders.


Determining the life expectancy of a stairlift requires considering some of the key factors found in quality, usage, and management, as well as the weather conditions. Selecting a good model, maintaining it correctly, and avoiding very hot/very cold conditions should prolong the life of a stair lift, and it should provide good, reliable service. It’s remarked that purchasing a stairlift is a major decision; nevertheless, with the right care, the chair can provide a practical service for several years.

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lifespan of a stairlift

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