Curved Stairlifts Are The Solution To Spiral Staircases

A stairlift can transform the life of someone who has limited mobility, as it could extend the amount of time they can remain independent in their own home.

However, those with corner or spiral staircases might worry they are not able to install one due to the design of their stairs.

This is not the case though, as curved stairlifts can be fitted around any staircase that has a bend in, whether they spiral to the second floor or they simply travel around a corner.

They can also work with any type of staircase or rail, whether you have a solid wooden bannister or intricate spindles.

Stairlifts can be fitted either along the inside of the balustrade or on the wall, depending on the design and size of the staircase.

Expert fitters will determine what will be the best option for both the house and inhabitants, taking into consideration things like obstacles, width of the hallway and shape of the staircase.

For those who want a superior type of stairlift, the Flow2 single rail stairlift is a good choice, as it swivels during the ride.

It is able to cope with steep angles, and can fit staircases as narrow as 61cm wide. This means it is usable in nearly every type of house, with the footrest swivelling during the ride and the rail being positioned very close to the stairs to take up less room.

The stairlift can also fold compactly and easily, meaning users do not have to manually fold it themselves, which can be difficult for people who have limited strength in their limbs.

Users can also choose to have curved armrests, as these can make them feel more secure when travelling up or down the stairs. What’s more, the seat height is adjustable, so it is a comfortable choice for everyone, no matter how short or tall.

Homeowners do not have to sacrifice the aesthetics of their house by installing a stairlift either, as there is a choice of materials and colours, so they can get something that is in keeping with the interior design of the rest of the property.

curved stairlift - Stairlift for disabled in a home

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