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Drive Systems for Platform Lifts

Understanding Drive Systems for Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts, or wheelchair lifts, are critical mobility aids that allow those with physical disabilities to move from one floor to another. They are found in houses, business establishments, and even public facilities to…
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lifespan of a stairlift

What is the lifespan of a stairlift?

Whenever individuals start considering purchasing a stairlift, the question that comes to their mind of many is how long this equipment will last. This article also helps you to know how long the product and…
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Installation Process of an Upstairs Lift

The Installation Process of an Upstairs Lift

Having an upstairs lift is something that elevates access and comfort in a multi-storied home or any other premise.  Key steps in the process, starting with a preliminary consultation with the client, up to fine-tuning…
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Why Does a Stairlift Need Servicing

When and Why Does a Stairlift Need Servicing?

Stairlifts are crucial socio-navigational aids for such persons. They enable users to move up and down the stairs safely and comfortably. As with any other form of mechanical equipment, stairlifts are usually subjected to maintenance…
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Birmingham Stairlifts Installed With A 2 Year No-Quibble Guarantee

All our Used/Reconditioned Stairlifts come with a full minimum 2 years “no-exclusions” warranty. Better yet, if you order a New Stairlift you get 3 years!

— Are you looking to have a Curved, Straight, or Heavy-Duty Stairlift installed in your Birmingham property? No matter the shape, location or size of your staircase UK Stairlifts in Birmingham can help. We have a variety of Stairlifts Products, both new and reconditioned, that will suit your needs. All installed by our experienced, professional, and local installation team.